Discover the successor of the PC!

With the Bimbox, no more need for the PC. Our mini box replaces your central processing unit and gives you access to a powerful computer virtualized in the cloud from only 9.99 € / month.


The best value for money

With only 9.99 € / month, the Bimbox allows you to have the power of a high-end computer of more than 1000 €.

Ease of use

Use our box easily on your screen or TV. No computer skills are required.


Get the equivalent of a powerful computer, You will not notice any differences with the traditional PC, except in price !


the power of our PC virtualized in the cloud

The Bimbox is the first 100% subscription solution that allows you to access a powerful computer, virtualized in the cloud via a mini box that replaces your PC tower, all for a tariff from only 9.99 € / month.


Plug your box

Upon receipt of your box, you just have to connect your screen, mouse and keyboard and turn on the box.


Fill in your account information on the box interface and connect to your PC in the cloud.

Use your virtualized PC

The use is fluid and powerful. You will not notice differences with a traditional computer.

Why Choose Us ?

Our subscription service offers many advantages


Benefit from the best components: Intel Xeon processor, SSD hard drive, DDR3 RAM.

Ultra-High Speed

Benefit from an ultra-high speed connection between 50 and 150 Mbs, thanks to the power of the fiber installed in our Data Center.

Economical and without commitment

No need to pay your computer cash, you just have to make a subscription without commitment and we send you your box for free.

Practical and discrete

Our box is the smallest box in the world, you can take it anywhere with you. No more monumental and noisy towers !


Save an average of 100 € per year on your electricity bill. Our box has indeed a low energy consumption.

Without obsolescence

The components of our servers are regularly updated. With our solution, there will be no more breakdowns and we guarantee a professional after-sales service.

Our solution requires an internet connection with a minimum speed of 4 Mbs. You can use any type of connectivity.

Discover our subscriptions without commitments:

Our subscriptions are without long-term commitment, Payment is made by direct debit. After subscription, your Box is sent to you free of charge by post within 72 hours.

Installation fee: 50 €




  • 2.2 Ghz Intel Xeon CPU
  • 1 vCore
  • 5 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 83 GB SSD Hard Drive
  • 50 Mbs Bandwidth




  • 2.2 Ghz Intel Xeon CPU
  • 2 vCore
  • 10 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 166 GB SSD Hard Drive
  • 100 Mbs Bandwidth




  • 2.2 Ghz Intel Xeon CPU
  • 3 vCore
  • 15 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 250 GB SSD Hard Drive
  • 150 Mbps Bandwidth

Soon, discover our offers with Nvidia graphics cards for gaming use.

Enjoy high performance !

In our French Data Center, we use the best components to offer you a powerful solution.

Intel Xeon Processor

Enjoy the best Intel processor. The Xeon is more powerful than the Intel I7 processor.

SSD Hard Drive

Get the fastest hard drive technology in the market, combined with RAID in order to to guarantee you performance and reliability.

Ultra-high-speed connection

Surf with ultra-high speed between 50 and 150 Mbs with a latency reduced thanks to the optical fiber directly connected to your virtual PC.

Databases hosted in France

Our Data Center is located in France to offer you the best guarantees.

Tier III certified Data Center

Our Data Center benefits from the excellence certification awarded by the Uptime Institute.

Secure service

Your data is safe in an ultra-secure data center.


We answer all your questions about our solution of a computer virtualized in the Cloud.

We are virtualizing a high-performance PC on our server located in a Data Center in France. The image of the virtualized PC is then sent via the internet network to your box so that you can have the equivalent of a computer on your screen or television.

Virtualization is a technique that allows dividing a server into multiple virtual machines. Your workstation is then installed within the virtual machine and a remote access is provided to you.

Our solution adapts to your internet speed. The higher your internet speed is, the better the image quality will be. A minimum speed of 3Mbs is required and you can use any type of connectivity ADSL, 4g, 3g, optical fiber, VDSL...

You cannot differentiate between our solution and a traditional PC. Our solution offers the same features. However, our solution is 100% by subscription and therefore it is cheaper and offers an ultra-high speed bandwidth.

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